The Study Group Company Health, Education and Culture (GESEC) of the University of Lleida welcomes you to the 2nd INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS HEALTH, EDUCATION AND QUALITY OF LIFE” to be held in Lleida, 10-11 December, 2018.


The Social Studies Group, Health, Education and Culture, hereinafter GESEC, mainly aims to propose and conduct research and cultural studies, mainly on issues of education, health and quality of life, the processes of socialization, identity, gender and construction of multiculturalism. This necessarily implies an interdisciplinary approach to tackle such work as heterogeneous and complex from all the social sciences: sociology, economics, social anthropology, health (nursing), psychology and education are the core areas of this interdisciplinarity.

The group was established as GESEC research and as such is open to debate on social, health, education and culture in Europe, Latin America and the world as a whole. Are priorities, the activities of trade between countries in theory and research experiences as well as the organization of thematic seminars, conferences, etc.. These exchanges also take into account studies pre / post-doctoral and joint publications.

The network of researchers GESEC has a scope and international recognition as members of the group and members of other research groups of their own university or territory.