9h Collecting documentation.

9.30h Official opening.

9.45h Inaugural Conference: “Migration and universal access to health and social resources: responses from international governments”.

  • Helena Legido-Quigley. Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, National University of Singapore. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London. Visiting professor of Nursing and Physiotherapy. University of Lleida.

Moderator. Montserrat Gea Sánchez. GESEC researcher.

10.30h Round Table: “Social Care from feminism”.

  • Mercè Espuñes Molins. Degree in political science and sociology. Associate Professor Department of Geography and Sociology. University of Lleida.
  • Erica Briones Vozmediano. Professor Reader Serra Húnter. Department of Nursing and Physiotherapy. University of Lleida
  • M. Antonia Roca. Treasurer of FeSalut. Federation of Entities for Health in Lleida.

Moderator. Mercè Espunyes Molins. GESEC researcher.

11.30h Coffee break.

12h “Social dissemination of research results in health and education from journalism”.

  • Jessica Mouzo. Journalist of “El País”. Member of the Association of Health Reporters.
  • Moderator: Rafa Gimena Molina. President of the Lleida province of the Journalists Association of Catalonia.

12.30h Free oral communications

  • Deli Miró Miró. Learning Service(ApS) in the early education of teachers.
  • Josep Maria Gutiérrez. Adherence to self-monitoring of electronic blood pressure in hypertensive patients with a disposition to improve health management.
  • Anna Quintanilla Sanz. Educators for the continence.
  • Albert Bigordà Sagué. Efficacy of cardiac rehabilitation to improve the control of cardiovascular risk factors.

Moderators: Helena Legido-Quigley. Visiting professor of the Department of Nursing and Physiotherapy; and Carol Climent Sanz. GESEC researcher in training.

14h Cocktail lunch.

15.30 Plenary session: “Motivation and inspiring leadership, Caring for the team”.

  • Olga Serra Escarp. Director of nursing and quality. University Clinic of Dentistry. UIC Consultant and professor of ingenio, leadership School.

Moderator. Joan Blanco Blanco. GESEC researcher.

16h Free oral communications 

  • Verónica Tiscar González. Presence of relatives during Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in the Basque Country (Virtual).
  • Lourdes Terés Vidal. Conflicts between the nurse ethic and health legislation in Spain.
  • Lucía Rodrigo. Empathy map; Determination of the aspects that contribute value to the patient.
  • Joan Tahull Fort. The rural school. Successful educational model.

      Virtual poster defense

  • Marta Fermiñan Miró. Express training in the risk assessment guide and prevention of pressure ulcers: BPSO.
  • Benjamí Monsonís Filella. Improvement of quality indexes through the implementation of a Guide of Good Practices for pressure injuries.
  • Teresa Sufrate Sorzano. Quality and Health: influence of the presence of clothes on the figures obtained in the taking of blood pressure.
  • María Ferrer Gil. Perineal health in the postpartum.

Moderators: Eva Barallat Gimeno and Judith Roca Llobet. GESEC researchers.

In parallel:

  • Escape room 1: Gender violence.
  • Escape room 2: Sleep quality in hospitalized patients.

17.30h Guided tour of the Museu de Lleida.

20h Pairing dinner with wines from Lleida. DO Costers del Segre (not included in the congress fee).

Parador de Lleida (15 Cavallers st.).


9.30h Plenary session: “Social dissemination of research results in health and education from the performing arts”.

  • Lara Díez Quintanilla. Founder, actress and playwright of the company LA VOLCÀNICA and Retret Teatre.

10h Free communications

  • Miquel Angel Calderó Solé. “Hospitals without noise”, an opportunity to integrate the SueñOn® campaign into the clinical practice nurse of the night shift in Lleida hospitals.
  • Francesc Rubí Carnacea. The effectiveness of a physiotherapeutic intervention based on the pre-activation of the transverse abdominal to improve the pain and the thickness of the transverse abdominal in patients with chronic nonspecific low back pain in Primary Care.
  • Carol Sorolla Villas. Educational intervention for the promotion of organ donation in High school.
  • Sílvia Solé Cases. Physical activity practice in students of the faculty of law, economics and tourism: comparative between genres and future lines of action.
  • Mercè Espuñes Molins. Global chains of feminized treatments in Lleida.

Modera: Deli Miró Miró. GESEC researcher.

In parallel:

  • Escape room 1: Gender violence.
  • Escape room 2: Sleep quality in hospitalized patients.

11.30h Coffee break.

12h Plenary session: “Research, education and transformation through theater”.

  • Meritxell Martínez i Bellafont. Director. Team of La Xixa.

Moderator. Sílvia Solé Casas. GESEC researcher.

12.30h Round Table: “Health and education in schools”.

  • Fidel Molina Luque. Professor of Sociology. University of Lleida.
  • Alicia Márquez Vidal. Nurse. Rambla de Ferran Primary Care Center. Catalan Health Institute.
  • José Antonio Zafra Agea. PhD Nurse. Professor of the Escola Superior d’Infermeria del Mar.

13.30h Plenary session: “The future of the university and the future of university teaching staff: quality and pedagogical training”.

  • Miguel Anxo Santos Rego. Professor of the Department of Theory of Education, History of Education and Social Pedagogy. Faculty of Education Sciences. University of Santiago de Compostela.

Modera. Fidel Molina Luque. GESEC principal researcher.

14.15h Plenary session: “Educate in the senses and responsible consumption”.

  • Meritxell Falgueras, journalist and sommelier. Wines and the City.

Moderator. Rafa Gimena Molina. President of the Lleida province of the Journalists Association of Catalonia.

14.45h Award ceremony and closing ceremony.

Then, a snack will be served.